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Membership List  

Allan, Ruby
Bradshaw, Kathy

Calvert, Betty - Photographer
Campbell, Beth - Artist - Carver - About Beth
Chow, James

Doucette, Jason - About Jason                  
Erickson, Wendy - About Wendy
Euler, Jo Ann - Instagram
Fast, Ernie - Bird Carver

Hathaway, Sheri - Watercolour Artist - 
Hounjet, Rick - Wood Turner - Chisels & Chips on Facebook (2024)
Hubbard, Craig - Artist - Carver

Jenkins, Laura - Artist 
Johnson, Dawn - Artist

Kasdorf, Judy - Artist - Click here - SWAA page or Website
Kautz, Kathy - Artist - Website
Keating, Wayne - Photographer About Wayne
Kedra, Jola -

Lasko, Connie - Artist Website 
Sarah Lightfood Wagner - Artist & Carver

Miller, Colleen - Artist
Merkle, Cam & Lori - Carvers - Woodburners - Manufacturers

Rebalkin, Harvey - Artist - Photographer - More about Harvey 

Stock, Cynthia - Artist - About Cynthia
Stroshein, Irene - Artist - About Irene 

Unger, Reuben - Carver - About Reuben  

VanCleemput, John - Photographer About John-Boy

Membership Benefits

Members of SWAA:
- have the opportunity to participate in various shows throughout the year such as The Collector's Show, Sports & Leisure Show and the Saskatoon Exhibition. They can show their own work as they promote the association.
- can participate in an annual sale: Impressions of Nature
- can participate in some of the "member only" competitions & opportunities throughout the year
- network with other SWAA members at various functions such as the New Years' Brunch or the summer Picnic & BBQ
- have their own page on the SWAA website or link to their own website from the membership list above


  1. You can show Name,Email, Phone etc. with my membership ....