CLICK HERE to join The Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association.

Membership Benefits

Members of SWAA:
- have the opportunity to participate in various shows throughout the year such as Gone Wild, Collector's Show, Sundog, Sports & Leisure Show and the Saskatoon Exhibition. They can show their own work as they promote the association.
- can participate in an annual spring sale: Impressions of Nature
- discounted competition entries at the annual Reflections of Nature Show & Sale
- can participate in some of the "member only" competitions & opportunities at Reflections of Nature
- network with other SWAA members at various functions such as the New Years' Brunch or the summer Picnic & BBQ
- receive the quarterly newsletter
- show their work in the online Member Store 
- have their own page on the SWAA website or link to their own website from the membership list below

Membership List  

Covid has hit our membership renewals. Most members renew when they attend the annual Reflections of Nature Art Show & Sale in October. Because of the pandemic we cancelled the show in 2020 and again in 2021, resulting in a drop of membership numbers. We are confident that those members will be returning at some point in time. 

Anderson, Helen

Bentz, Elizabeth (Beth)
Beaule, Janice Renewed to Oct 2022

Boechler, Steve
Boyd, Audrey - Artist - Photographer - Carver - About Audrey
Bueckert, Angela - Artist - Photographer - About Angela

Calvert, Betty - Renewed to Oct 2022
Campbell, Beth - Artist - Carver - About Beth
Chatfield, Colin - 
 - Photographer - About Colin  - FB Page - Renewed to Oct 2022
Clow, James M. - Artist - Website

Donahue, Lilian - About Lilian 
Doucette, Jason - About Jason Renewed to Oct 2022                  
Dunitz, Alana - renewed to Oct 2022

Eade, Austin, Carver - Renewed to Oct 2022

Fitzgeral-Neale, Sarah - FB Page 
Friesen, Laurie - Painting - Photography - Website 

Gander, Bob - Carver - Renewed to Oct 2022
Giesbrecht, Martha (Martie) - 

Harms, Bailey FB Page Renewed to Oct 2022
Hjertaas, Paule - Photographer
Hounjet, Rick - Chisels & Chips on Facebook
Hubbard, Craig - Artist - Carver

Kasdorf, Judy - Artist - Click here for SWAA page or go to her Website
Keating, Wayne - Photographer - About Wayne
Krochak, Denise

Lasko, Connie Website renewed to Oct 2022
Sarah Lightfood Wagner  Renewed to Oct 2022
Locke, Bradley - renewed to Oct 2022

Maber, Glenn
Magee, Tara - Photographer & Artist - Instagram Renewed to Oct 2022
Magera, Jack - Artist/Carver/Metal Sculptor
Magera, Robyn - Artist - About Robyn

Mann, Russ & Johann
Martin, Patty 
McIntosh, Anne - Photographer

Merkle, Cam & Lori - Renewed to Oct 2022
Mewis, Cathleen - About Cathleen
Minter, Terry - Artist - About Terry 

Noete, Mark

Rebalkin, Harvey - Artist - Photographer - More about Harvey Renewed to Oct 2022
Rector, Connie
Rector, Garry

Simpson, Dennis - renewed to Oct 2022
Stock, Cynthia - About Cynthia Renewed to Oct 2022
Stroshein, Irene - Artist - About Irene
 Renewed to Oct 2022
Sutherland, Ian - Photographer

Todd, Christine Renewed to Oct 2022
Tysdal, Sheila - Sheila's FB Page

Unger, Reuben - Carver - About Reuben

VanCleemput, John - About John-Boy

Waddington, John
Walker, Sharon - Artist - Photographer - About Sharon
Welsh, Harvey Renewed to Oct 2022


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