Irene Stroshein

Irene Stroshein is the current President of The Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association (since 2020).

About Irene - in her own words:

"I don’t really have a favourite medium to work with; every new medium has its advantages and challenges. Some of the mediums I work in are pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pencil, alcohol ink, mixed medium etc. 

Art to me is something that evokes an emotion or response or memory of something else. Art is different for everyone but to me it brings me great joy and inspiration creating a unique piece. I don’t impose my ideas on others of my creations; they will find their own meaning in them. 

I do several styles and tend not to do “formula” art. if you are not trying to achieve different art skills you are just a person making copies in different tones and colors. I use several techniques; it is something that is hard to put in a finite method, as I tend to slip around in many. I never get so caught up in one skill to become blind to learning another that shows a different take on the same subject."

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