Colin Chatfield

I simply enjoy photographing in general, but the night sky, macro, and landscapes are my favourite subjects. I desire to educate people about the world around us that many take for granted.

I call myself a photo-artist, because in addition to taking pictures, I enjoy experimenting with them. I like to experiment and try new (to me, at least) techniques. I don't like to follow the conventional photography rules.

I have created the Saskatchewan Aurora Hunters group, as well as created and admin a number of other Facebook groups.

I have been fortunate to have had my work published in a number of articles, including, but not limited to:
- SkyNews Magazine
- Ottawa Citizen
- Vancouver Sun
- Saskatoon Star Phoenix
- Saskatoon Express
- CBC News Photos
- Huffington Post
- Prairies North Magazine
- NickelBelt News
- Saskatoon Sun
- Lifestyles Magazine

I have also won various photo contests such as the SSSP Photo Contest: 1st place and 2nd place and Canadian Photo Contest: Moving Water.

I have authored a children's book called If a Fish Had a Wish, which reached the number two and three spots in consecutive weeks on McNally Robinson's best-seller list.

I also teach photography classes and hold photography workshops throughout the province as well as judge photo competitions, including Reflections of Nature.

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