John Van Cleemput

Nicknamed "John Boy" by many of his friends it soon became the name of his post-retirement hobby.

John was born in Saskatoon and received his schooling in North Battleford. After graduating from high school he spent a short time in banking. This career came to a sudden stop when he was offered a position as a power utility lineman; the lure of outdoor work and moving to different locations soon had him working all over the province in the heyday pf rural electrification. After 3 years with a contractor John joined Sask Power Corp and spent some 17 years working in various parts of the province.

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The lure of the ocean and a new part of Canada saw a move to British Columbia. For the next 7 years he worked as a lineman for BC Hydro at the north end of Vancouver Island and fulfilled his desire to see the ocean from above and below in the form of boating and scuba diving. Many days were spent cruising the many inlets of the north coast and much time was spent observing the wonderful scenery and wildlife of the areas. While soaking in all these sights the desire to capture them on film grew stronger and the observation of country and people, colours, light and shadows increased his interest in photography. 

"Looking Good"
8x10" Photo for $20 + postage

The next posting took John to Smithers, BC for the next 10 years, where downhill skiing and mountain life became a passion and way of life adding a new type of scenery to his eyes. His observation of the changing landscapes broadened his view of the world and the ability to absorb the subtle changes that went with the different terrain. Taking pictures was becoming more and more interesting and a move to Kamloops for the remainder of his working career brought a taste of the semi-arid part of this country. His interest in photography was encouraged by new friends in the business. Weddings and special event photography broadened his skill and technique. 

The Saturday morning farmers market was another favourite spot for photo opportunities - the produce, the people and their faces. Horse shows and rodeos also added to John's experience behind the camera. About this time his pictures began to sell in a couple of galleries in Kamloops and one in Saskatoon.

After retirement John returned to live on the prairies making his home in Lloydminster. With the use of computer equipment his files have grown to include a large variety of subjects with his favourite being faces and flowers. His flower pictures have been described as provocative, while his collection of "Faces I Have Seen" is described as awesome. 

His greatest pleasure is seeing others enjoy his work.

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