Leroy Royer

Leroy graduated with a Masters Degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Wyoming in 1960.

Leroy is a fisheries and wildlife biologist who extends his interest and knowledge of wildlife to the wooden birds he carves.

A job with the Government of Saskatchewan brought him to Saskatoon, where he has resided since. He worked in the field of fisheries management and taught at Kelsey Institute of Applied Art and Sciences. Leroy started carving waterfowl decoys in 1978 and continued carving as a hobby until 1990 when he left the fisheries branch to devote his time to bird carving. 

Leroy was 1 of 20 artisans selected to sell & demonstrate the crafts in the Saskatchewan pavilion at Expo 86.

Bird carvings by Leroy are in private collections through Canada, the United States and several other countries.

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