Holly Edwards

Holly Edwards has been a self employed artist for the last 8 years, creating custom wedding cake toppers for couples all over the world. She will create anything they want so long as it doesn't defy gravity! Her company is called My Custom Cake Topper. Usual requests are sculptures of pets, animals, bride and groom figurines, etc. But she has created all kinds of toppers from zombie hands, iguanas on toast, gaming characters, and a weiner dog wearing roller blades and booty shorts! And so much more, you have to see her portfolio to believe it.

She also recently started creating housewares with sports themes. Ornaments featuring crossfit, weight lifting, curling, drag racing and more! Holly is expanding into kitchen accessories and functional items for the home through her new company Athletic Homestyles.

In the very little spare time that Holly has she enjoys creating art, usually paintings or drawings. She has a real passion for Powerlifting and Crossfit; which she competes in regularly. On the side she enjoys curling and drag racing.

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